Wayne Pearcy is a New England area trumpeter and composer who has won numerous accolades, perhaps most known by the jazz community for placing second globally as a soloist at the ITG College Jazz Competition in 2011. His rich tone and lyrical playing style have earned him studies with some of the heavy hitters in Jazz, including Tiger Okoshi, Darren Barrett, and Wynton Marsalis.

Besides jazz, Wayne has a strong interest in classical music, and he constantly works to improve his technique as a soloist. Wayne strongly believes that the performance and study of classical music is important to the success of all musicians. Therefore, it has been a privilege for him to be a part of Boston Landmarks Orchestra’s educational outreach team since 2013.  Wayne’s passion for learning about the tradition of the trumpet has led him down the path of pursuing a career in historical performance.  He has received recognition from some of the finest musicians in this field including Robinson Pyle, Wendy Rolfe and John Thiessen.  Wayne was accepted to the American Bach Soloists Academy, a program which gives young performers an opportunity to study early music in depth as well as give them a chance to share there talents with audiences in the San Francisco area.

Also a strong advocate for assistive technology, Wayne’s work as a student and staff member at Berklee College of Music has helped the renowned institution become a top destination for visually impaired music students from around the world.  Wayne served on the board of Friends in Art from 2009 to 2016.  Friends in Art is an American Council of the Blind (ACB) affiliate group which offers students scholarships in the fine arts.  In 2015, Wayne became involved with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, a nonprofit organization that helps match students with mentors to help with transitioning into the college environment and the workforce.

Wayne looks for opportunities to perform both genres around the Boston area. While a student at Berklee, he performed several recitals demonstrating his proficiency in both styles. He also has a jazz quintet that has been featured on Harvard University’s radio station WHRB as well as a local public access channel.

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